Meet New School Resource Officer Metter Smith

We have been busy moving people around lately.   One of those moves has been to assign

Officer Greg Super (left) and Officer Metter Smith deliver books to Will Rogers Elementary

Officer Metter Smith to the School Resource Officer job.  Officer Brian Miller isn’t going anywhere, we have just found that we need him to do a wider range of community outreach duties.

Officer Smith has been with our department a number of years.  She came to us after working for Flint PD until they were forced to downside and she was laid off.  Then she went to Detroit PD. She told me that she was living in the Flint area and she was driving to Detroit daily.  She said she realized that she should stop and apply for a job instead of just driving through Auburn Hills.  The rest is history.

You might already know her if you spend much time at Great Lakes Crossings Mall or around our general retail area.  She has worked in the retail district for much of her time here.  She likes to be active and enjoys being around lots of people.  She has been the point person for our National Night Out events and an organizer of some Christmas shopping events for kids.  Her latest project has been leading her shift partners to gather books for Will Rogers Elementary students to use in a reading challenge program.   I would say she was quite successful in her efforts since there were boxes and bags of kids’ books stacked all over the briefing room and watch command office.

When we make these transfers we allow officers to write a letter stating their interest in the available position and then we interview them to get their input before we make a decision.  School Resource Officer is the most important job of all of the internal transfers so we think carefully about who should have that job.  Officer Smith applied to be the school officer 3 previous times.

She is a great role model for kids and a caring person.  But she never forgets she is a cop and she can be counted on to do the right thing.    We have been watching the criticism of the police officers in Parkland, Florida too.  We know how important school security is.  I can tell you she is well-trained and an action oriented person.  She was one of the team who responded to Pontiac a few weeks ago when we received a call to assist the Sheriff’s Office with an assailant at a business.  She was there quickly and geared up in a rifle plate, ballistic helmet and with her rifle.  Several years ago she was the recipient of an award from the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council for actions she and her partner took to make an arrest in a very violent domestic assault.  She was the recipient of the Chief’s Award in 2014 and holds a Certificate of Merit and an Individual Commendation.  Educationwise, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Baker College.  Recently she competed in a detective promotional process and finished among the top 3 candidates.

You will find her to be friendly and fun to talk to with a really good sense of humor.  I think she will be a great fit.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.