Another Case of Children in a Car with a Passed Out Parent

We had 2 unscheduled visitors to our Investigations Bureau today.  Good thing we have high quality detective/parents who knew just what to do.  They were with their mother who passed out in a store parking lot this morning and when passers-by couldn’t awaken her, they called 911.  She went to the hospital and Officer Jayson VanLandeghem brought the kids here.  Officer Bryan Chubb set about finding a relative (which he did) and in the meantime called Child Protective Services who sent a worker to investigate.

Detective Peters, an outstanding investigator, used his finely-honed skills to figure out that they might enjoy watching Paw Patrol on his computer (one of the kids was wearing Paw Patrol shoes).  Detective Brown volunteered to do diaper changing duty.

Peters bought McDonald’s for lunch. Investigations is looking somewhat like a playroom. 


Watching Paw Patrol

Officer Brian Miller got a look at the car seats the kids were using.  As a car seat technician, he determined these seats were, well, “extremely used” and expired.  So he used the last 2 car seats in our department stash which were donated by our partners at Brose.  (Hint: we welcome cash donations for new seats – sorry can’t take used ones) We use them for just this kind of situation.

Dirty Seat
The old seat
The new owner seems pretty interested in her new seat. 

So they spent several hours with us and visiting around the station.  Good news! The stuffed animals we have on hand fit very well in the empty gun lockers.  Who knew that those lockers could be so much fun?


Somebody at the state and federal government level has got to do something about this problem.  This shouldn’t be happening.

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