Optimists Honor Crossing Guard Tamera Eddington as Police Employee of the Year

The Morning Optimist Club of Auburn Hills has been honoring police officers annually for


many, many years.  This year they asked us to include other police employees for consideration.  Our School Resource Officer Brian Miller seized the opportunity and nominated our Adult Crossing Guard, Tamera Eddington.  The club selected Tamera and honored her today at their meeting with a plaque.  She will also be recognized at the City Council meeting Monday evening.

You may have seen Tamera at her post on Walton at Dexter with her stop sign.  She is there twice daily to help kids arrive safely at Will Rogers School .  She has been there for 14 years–an incredible record.  She can be counted on rain or shine, snow or sleet.


You may have seen her walking or riding her bike to work.    After she completes her morning shift on the post she leaves to got to a second job at Art Van, some distance away,  then back to the post for the afternoon shift.  Once Officer Miller realized that she was without a car and without the funds to buy one, he moved into action and has been raising funds from city employees to buy her a car.  It is going pretty well – he is already above his goal.  He is planning to help her shop for the car as well since she is concerned about her skills at finding a good, reliable car.  Despite the challenge of getting to that very important post every day without a car, she never complains or misses work.

She told me on the way to the meeting this morning that she applied for the job because her son, who was an elementary student at the time, told her that the school needed a crossing guard.  He is all grown up now, complete with advanced college degrees and a just-started-job as an academic advisor at Oakland University.  Her equally academically accomplished daughter was there with her son-in-law and grandson  who drove from Novi early this morning to join her for this honor.  It was clear to us that although they want to do more to help their mom, as newly minted professionals they don’t yet have financial basics to get it done themselves.

Knowing Tamera, it is so very appropriate that she is honored by the Optimists – she is clearly one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever met — always smiling, always upbeat.

Next time you drive by her post, wave and give her a thumbs up to thank her for her commitment to the children of this community.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.