Is Mackinac Island the 5th most violent city in Michigan????

M-Live just published an article that points out an interesting “statistical anomaly.”  And it is true not just on Mackinac Island but also other places – like Auburn Hills.

As the police chief here I will tell you that by and large Auburn Hills is a very safe community.  Surveys done by the city in the past year tell us that both the residential and commercial community members feel safe – and they should.  It is a very safe community.

However, if one calculates the crime rate using our residential population, it is not favorable.  And for the same reason as Mackinac Island:  our residential population is very low compared to the population of people who come here to work or visit.   City officials estimate that our population swells to nearly 100,000 people daily between work, school and recreation from a night time population of about 22,000.

The FBI discourages the use of crime rate calculations to rank cities but media sources continue to do it.  Many cities like to tout those statistical rankings when they are favorable.

Here is the article:

Statistical Anomaly Ranks Mackinac Island One of the Most Dangerous Cities 

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.