Today is Detective Damiani’s Last Day

Craig Damiani retired today after almost 28 years of service to the community.  He was hired here by my predecessor, Chief Jack Dalton, in 1990 as a police officer.  He was fresh out of MSU with a brand new degree in Criminal Justice.  I arrived in 1994 and became the chief in 1996.  I recommended Craig for promotion to detective in 1998 after an extensive promotional selection process.  And we never looked back.

Craig was our go-to guy on regulatory matters and fraud investigations primarily.  But he worked all kinds and types of cases and stepped into what every we needed from him whenever we needed it.  We will miss his expertise.  He is part of our team of 5 excellent detectives.  I have great confidence in them and you should too.  They have produced excellent outcomes in a variety of cases.  Despite the fact that they will miss Craig they plan to press on.  We will add someone new to their group in next few months.  Time rolls on.

In the photos he is holding a shadow box we made him with the patches and badges he wore as a police officer.

Now he plans to dedicate himself to his family.  Today, he thanked his wife Ellen for her love and support over all those years.  He said she accepted that he was called in at all times of day and night often at inconvenient times for their family and made it work.  She mentioned that he would now be in charge of getting the kids off to school in the morning and he actually looked pretty happy about that.  He starts a new job on Monday working in the private sector.  No more on call day and nights.

Good luck in your next life, Craig.  Thanks for the past 28 years of dedicated service.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.