Citizen Police Academy Starting Soon

Image result for citizen police academyAfter a long absence, we are happy to advise that we are bringing back our Citizen Police Academy.  It starts September 21st and runs for 9 weeks.   The goal of the academy is to show the students how policing in general and our department in specific operates in our community.  These academies are very popular throughout the country.  It is because policing is a complicated job.  We are a key part of community safety and we think you should know what we are about, why we do what we do and why.  This is your opportunity.

We had an academy for several years but due to staffing shortages due to retirements we had to cut back some programs.  Unfortunately this was one.

I can tell you the staff is quite excited.  They are very aware that their actions are frequently judged by what you have seen on television – which is not reality.  The staff wants to show you what they do everyday.  A broad cross section of our folks will be teaching and I think you will be fascinated by what they do.

If you weren’t able to get your application in on time, we will be bringing it back annually so don’t worry – you will get another chance.



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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.