Today We Said Good-bye to Lt. Cas Miarka

Today was Lt. Miarka’s last day as an Auburn Hills Police Officer

Cas circa 2000

after nearly 26 years of service.  We had an open house here at the station so city employees, retirees, and community members could come in and wish him well. IMG_3984

He has been a steady force for good in this community and for this department.  We will miss his hard work and devotion to the department and community.  We all will miss his positive nature and jokes.

When I arrived here in 1994 as the deputy police chief, Cas had already been here 3 years as a police officer.  I didn’t really know him but over the years I came to know and respect him.  He was always one who would step forward when we needed a volunteer.  He was many times first: in the first group of bicycle officers; retail district officer when the mall was new;investigator in the new Detroit Metro Identity Fraud Task Force and others. He was willing to push himself into new roles and try new things.  Even when it was a little uncomfortable he would work at the job until he mastered it.  It was something I admired about him — he persevered even at points when the going was tough – I could always count on Cas – we all could.

During his time here he was an officer, sergeant, lieutenant.  As a lieutenant he served in every role we have for lieutenants.  He was the commander of technical services, investigations, and operations.  He was the department PIO (press information officer), he supervised dispatch, investigators, patrol officers. property and evidence and he even conducted  professional standards investigations when necessary to maintain the integrity of our department.  He was the brains behind the development of the CLEMIS CLEAR report writing program and digitized activity log used by police officers in all of Oakland County and SE Michigan.  He was a leader in Oak-Tac, the countywide active shooter training program.   He was a developer of the Rescue Task Force, training of police and fire personnel to rescue people trapped in the “hot zone” of an active shooter situation.  I could go on and on.  He was a leader in our department and among police in our county.

He was quieter than usual today.  I know that he was thinking about leaving his life as a police officer, something I know he loved.  He is moving on to become the administrator of the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office so he won’t be totally out of our world.  He will do a great job for them just as he did for us.

His family was with him today.   Over the years, I know he was often with us, working, IMG_3998

when I know he wanted to be with them.







Thank you for everything you brought us and taught us, Cas.   It was an honor to work with you.  Good bye and good luck.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.