Prom Season and Hotel Parties

Auburn Hills is fortunate to be home to a large number of hotels serving our business and entertainment entities.  We work with our hoteliers to help them provide a safe and hospitable atmosphere.  Every year at this time we contact the hotels and the area high schools in an attempt to prevent teenage hotel parties.

I am always shocked when I hear that parents and sometimes older siblings rent hotel rooms for high school parties after prom where there is significant drinking and drug use .  We take a very dim view of these parties and encourage the hotels to call us when they see the signs a party of this kind is brewing.

I’ve even heard parents say that they think it is “safe” if they rent the room for the party and provide the alcohol so that the kids don’t drive.  Drunk or drugged driving certainly is extremely dangerous but so is allowing your child to drink to excess (ever heard of alcohol poisoning?)  When these parties occur we answer calls of fighting, property damage and sexual assault.

We will have a zero tolerance for underaged drinking and will issue tickets and make arrests.  You can be issued an open house party ticket with a BIG fine if you are the party sponsor.

Don’t let a fun celebration turn into a negative life altering experience. Image result for safe prom

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.