Celebrate Turkey Day with a great dinner and a seatbelt

It happened again  – serious roadway crashes with ejections.  Yesterday morning we had a series of crashes on I-75 on the overpass over Joslyn Road.  The roadway was unexpectedly icy.  Sgt Leonard told me that it was so icy they couldn’t stand up when officers arrived.

Officers responded to a report of a crash involving more than one vehicle with 2 people ejected onto the roadway, one not moving.  The adrenalin goes into overdrive at that point, I can tell you.  They were expecting a fatality or maybe two.  When they arrived they  found the two ejected persons, teenagers, alive but injured.  Their father had been following them in another vehicle and was on scene.  I’m told the father actually saw each one ejected out of the windows.  I can’t imagine how he must have felt…

When I was briefed on it later, I was amazed at the limited injuries suffered by the ejected individuals.  They usually aren’t that lucky.  Preview: To Grandma's House

This is the holiday week when many people will be on the road visiting friends and family for their holiday.  So how many more ways can we say it?  WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!!

I’ve heard all the arguments against -like “I won’t be able to get out if my car catches on fire” or “I won’t be able to get out if the car goes in the water”  or “It will jam and I won’t be able to get out in a crash.”   Or “It wrinkles my clothes.”  Let me tell you–from a person who has investigated many crashes – SEATBELTS SAVE LIVES.  You will be far safer in the car in your belt and with your children in their appropriate car seat in the back seat than loose in the car. I’ve even heard older people talk about how we didn’t have them in the old days and we all survived.  No we didn’t.  I was there and too many children and adults died needlessly – some in awful ways.

I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt and the officers wear theirs.  They know it is the law and they also know that their chances for serious injuries are greatly minimized when they wear the belt and harness.

So get to Grandma’s house for your turkey dinner alive.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.