How Guns Become a Tool of Crime

I got an email today about an arrest that was executed yesterday for some dangerous, armed suspects who had been involved in armed robberies.

On 11/21/16 SIU executed a search warrant at a townhouse in Roseville to look for a suspect who had an outstanding arrest warrant for armed robbery.  The suspect was found hiding in a hall closet, and taken into custody without incident.  During the search a pistol with a loaded 30 round magazine was found next to a bed where a second male was detained.  That pistol was registered to an Auburn Hills resident and had not been reported stolen.  Contact was made with the Auburn Hills resident who was unaware the gun had been stolen.  Investigation is continuing to determine if Roseville will attempt to charge the second male with R&C stolen property for the pistol.

If you are a gun owner, make sure you know where your weapon is and that it is properly secured.  It doesn’t have to be a home invasion for a gun to disappear.  It could be a trusted friend or friend of a friend–or worker in your home.  Or your kids or your kids friends. Any number of ways in which your gun could be stolen and then used as an instrument of crime.  Thank God that these arrests had a safe outcome.  Usually people with warrants for violent crime who keep loaded pistols nearby have violent intentions.  I’m thankful the officers are all safe.

Since the gun was registered it will be returned to the rightful owner.  Many of the guns we seize involved in crime have not been registered and so have no ownership information.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.