Great Lakes Crossings Has Major Traffic Improvements This Year

I know that traffic on the lots at Great Lakes Crossings and on the surface streets has been a problem in years past.  It is fun to have some holiday hustle and bustle but it got to be too much at certain points.

Taubman Company, owners of Great Lakes Crossings Outlets also recognized the problem and earlier this year took the lead on improving the situation.  They hired a traffic engineering firm to conduct a study.  When they got their results, we and the Road Commission for Oakland County met with them and their engineers to review the results and determine an action plan.

The report suggested several things to be done to avoid that problematic gridlock that happens.  We have been working together on these multiple fixes since spring:

  1. Traffic on Baldwin Road near the McDonald’s no longer can make U-turns from southbound to northbound since it conflicts with traffic going in and out of the mall’s main entrance.  Traffic control orders were changed and roadway striping was changed. Don’t make a U-turn here – you’ll get a ticket. Baldwin
  2. The mall added “channelization” lanes at two locations which are the pinch points – the McDonald’s driveway and Steak and Shake driveway allowing for a free flow of traffic instead of having each vehicle make a stop at the stop sign.  Channelization
    The free flow right turn inbound by Steak and Shake

    will be added at the intersection with the roadway on Great Lakes Crossings Drive but not until next year.

  3. New traffic signal on Great Lakes Crossings Drive also near Steak and Shake.  It is up and will be running by Black Friday.  new-glc-signal
  4. The bus stops have been moved to the outer ring road with a pull off lane for the busses.  In the past they obstructed traffic movement on the inner ring due to their stop and go.  There are nice, new shelters with heat for patrons.

So if you are considering Great Lakes Crossings but are concerned about traffic conditions, worry no longer.  Traffic will be moving efficiently this year.  We will be on hand to keep track of things and direct as needed to make sure it is going smoothly.  We also have extra patrols both in the mall and around the entire shopping area in our city just to help you feel safer.  The officers appreciate the holiday mood of the shoppers so stop and say hi if you see them.

Just today I attended a lunch meeting and heard the marketing manager from GLC talking about the cool new stores at Great Lakes – outlet stores that aren’t found anywhere else in Michigan like Kate Spade and Shinola.  Not to mention the restaurants and entertainment.  The mall won’t be open overnight this year, here is a link to their hours over the weekend:  GLC hours.

Have a great Thanksgiving and when you’ve eaten all the turkey and dressing you want, come on over and get a jump start on your shopping.  I’ll be over there on Friday – I’ll look for you.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.