Another Ticket Writing Opportunity

So while I have your attention on where to avoid getting a ticket, I want to bring up one more location:  Squirrel south of M-59

Here’s the problem:

The speed limit is 25 mph but too many of you are driving WAY over that.  I’ve actually had people ask me to raise it!  That’s not happening because it was designed and built to be 25 mph.

Here is the problem we are trying to solve:  there are housing locations on the west side of the road with lots of kids.  And a bus stop at the location shown in the photo.  And on the other side of the road are 2 parks.  Kids want to get to the parks, by bike or by foot.  There are walkers, bicyclers, runners all over in the area.  And we want them to be.

I know there are many commuters who use this route to get to M-59 and back morning and night. I think many of you might be in a hurry so you try to make up time by pushing your speed.  I am concerned in the morning about the kids who are waiting for the bus standing there in a big group.  And I’m concerned about every kid on a skateboard or a bike in the evening who is trying to get over to the skate park to meet their friends or over to Riverwoods to play on the swings.  You should be concerned too.  You can’t make up time by speeding but you can create a dangerous situation.  You’ll never forgive yourself if you make a mistake and plow off the road into those kids at the bus stop.  Not to mention that if that happens we would prosecute you to the fullest extend of the law and your life would change dramatically.

Just don’t let it happen.  Think for a minute about what you are doing and what is really important.  Slow down.  I am asking you to do it voluntarily but if that doesn’t work perhaps an expensive ticket will make the point.

Don’t be surprised if you see an officer in that area writing some tickets in the near future.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.