Avoiding Fraud

We have had an increasing number of reports from victims of fraud.  There are various kinds and types of fraud activity.  One is what we call a “green dot card” scam.  In these scams a person is contacted usually by phone and the person on the other end represents themselves to be a government agency, utility company even a police department purporting to be holding a family member in jail, trying to get money from the victim.  There are ways now to “ghost” a phone number on these computer phone systems that makes a false identification show up on your caller ID.  It might say “Auburn Hills Police” but it really isn’t us. 

Sometimes it takes the form of an almost correct email address for a company executive.  A person in the finance department gets an email from this almost correct email address telling the employee to wire large sums of money to a specific place usually outside of the US.   Once it is out of the country it is gone.  The scammers are usually located in places where there are no or limited police services to investigate and no extradition treaties to the US.

Although you can report it to us, you also should report to the Federal Trade Commission.  You can make the report on line.  Here is some additional information to help you avoid becoming a victim.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.