Move Over, Michigan, please!

We have appreciated the recent support we have received from the community.  Now we are asking you to do something for us — when you see police on the shoulder of the roadway on a traffic stop or investigating a crash -move over a lane to make the scene safer for us. And for wrecker drivers and emergency medical personnel.  It’s the law.

Just yesterday I was on I-75 not far out of our city while off duty.  Up ahead I could see a trooper on a traffic stop.  At that point the freeway was 3 lanes and the traffic wasn’t particularly heavy.  As I approached the trooper in the center lane, I expected that a small car ahead would move over from the right shoulder lane into my lane.  BUT THEY DIDN’T.  To my horror the driver just breezed on by the trooper who was on foot at the driver’s door at 70 miles per hour.  I ultimately passed the car and was disgusted to see that she was holding her phone up and looking at it.

During my time as a patrol officer, I’ve been hit by cars on traffic stops myself both while I was in the vehicle and when I was out on foot.  I was lucky that I was never seriously injured.  The trooper today wasn’t so lucky.  Hope he is ultimately OK.  Working on the freeway is a very dangerous job–ask any Auburn Hills officer.

Where you are going can’t be that important that you can’t give us just a little room.  It’s also the law.  For more information go to MOVE OVER, MICHIGAN.


Trooper hit today on I-696


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.