Rogue cops should not be recycled from one police department to the next | Roger L Goldman | The Guardian

A blog entry from May 2015. Still true today.

Auburn Hills Police Department

I’ve written about this before.  During all the national discourse about police and how we do our jobs, not enough is being done to give police administrators the tools we need to provide the outcomes our communities need. There is a lot of conversation about body cameras as the solution. Mobile video in police cars was also supposed to be the final solution 15 years ago.

What we actually need is more complex.  Statewide, we need tools that increase the ability to de-license people who should not wear the badge –just like other licensed professions.  There is structure in MCOLES to “police the police” and it should be restored to appropriate funding and released from political interference to do its job. We need to have our training funds restored so that we can train police in realistic ways to be better prepared to meet the challenges.  We need to require…

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.