Traffic Changes on Baldwin Road

If you like to shop at Great Lakes Crossings or travel that area on a regular basis you may have seen some changes related to traffic movement in the area.

For a number of years the success of Great Lakes Crossings has translated into some traffic jams at peak periods.  As a result Taubman Company commissioned a traffic study (at their expense) to study what could be done.  We have been meeting with them to review the plan which calls for several changes on the public roadway and on their lot (all at their expense).

One of the first changes the plan called for was to eliminate U-turns at the entrance to the mall on Baldwin by McDonald’s AKA (also known as) Driveway #1.  That has been done and signage and roadway painting has been done.  The left turning traffic at that location can now ONLY enter the mall not make a U-turn toward the freeway.  We know that affected businesses on the north side and the apartments.  Now they must go one turnaround further south to make their U-turn to head to the freeway.  The U-turns were contributing to congestion when we had drivers wanting to go in conflicting directions which ended up in gridlock when traffic volume was high. While drivers were adjusting to this change we had a BIG sign in the media and we posted officers to give warnings to drivers about the change.  We do that anytime we make a big traffic change.  We know it takes time for drivers to adjust.

That period has passed however and now violators are in danger of a ticket if they make a U-turn at that location.

Other changes are in the works to improve gridlock on the lot, particularly in the area near the Steak and Shake AKA Driveway #4.  We expect to see significant improvement by the holiday shopping period.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.