Happy Birthday Gloria!

We had some fun today when the family of one of our clerks wanted to include us in her 50th birthday celebration.  It was all set up in advance with Lt. McDonnell.  Her family dressed up as clowns and surprised her with some fun antics to share with her work friends before they whisked her off to a celebration dinner out. There was even a tearful eye when they gave her a beautiful bronze plaque that her brother made which was  a portrait of their mother.

Gloria has worked with us for 25 years this past May.  She had an opportunity to retire recently but tells us that she loves her job and didn’t want to go.  You might remember her as the 2015 Chief’s Award winner for her excellent work as our property and evidence clerk.

I asked permission to share the photos and her age and she cheerfully granted both — “it is only a number” she said with a big grin.

Our work isn’t very fun a lot of the time.  We have to deal with some heartbreaking events and difficult challenges.  But we all get through it together along with many personal life ups and downs.  Gloria is an important part of all of that.  We like it when families want to share a fun event and a laugh with us on an important day.

Please note the lovely crown she wore all day in the photos below.  Many happy returns of the day, Gloria!!!

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