We Need Car Seats

You might remember that we inspect children’s car seats upon request.  We have held several events around town to help parents correctly and safely install their child’s safety seat.

Now we are asking for your help.  In addition to inspecting seats, we sometimes give them child seataway to families that need a seat but can’t afford one.  Sometimes they have one but the child has outgrown it.  Now it is unsafe but they can’t afford a new one.

Last year our employees raised money for car seats and our friends at Target stores gave us a special price to help us stretch our dollars.  In May city employees will again have the opportunity to wear jeans on Friday to raise money for car seats.  And we need the help – we are running out of seats.

5steptestIf you are a public service group looking for a great project providing car seats for kids is an excellent way to help to others.  Or if you are a person who just wants to pay it forward and help someone else, we have just the thing for you.

You can bring us a seat, new in a box (sorry no used seats) or write us a check.  We will see that it gets into the right hands (or under small butts, as it were).

Need more information?  Contact Quentessa Tuffs, my assistant at 248-364-6850

Thank you in advance.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.