Faith Based Organization Meeting #2

This morning we participated in our second meeting with leaders of the faith based organizations in and around our community.

Sgt. Dave Miller had the idea last fall to begin an outreach to our faith based organizations. We had our first meeting at the police department in November to get acquainted.  We realized that we have mutual interest in serving the community. Houses of worship are a great community resource at many levels including providing shelter from tornadoes or other weather and helping people in distress.  We also have services for individuals and for them as organizations with security needs. We wanted to know them and to let them know us.

The River Church in downtown Auburn Hills hosted us this morning.  We had a lively discussion about matters having to do with security and dealing with people who are mentally ill and in crisis.  We were pleased to have church members and pastors from several churches present.

Through this meeting we set up some individual meetings to discuss topics of interest to people in the group specific to their situation.  We also had an invitation or two to visit congregations and meet people one-on-one.

Thank you to everyone who attended today.  And thank you to Lt. Gagnon who served as the moderator and Lt. Miarka who talked about crime trends and facility security.

We are scheduling another date next quarter and the Auburn Hills Christian Center has volunteered to host us.  Date to be announced.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.