Good-bye to Tammy

Tammy recieves a plaque from City Manager Tom Tanghe.

Today our long time clerk, Tammy Klobnock bid us farewell and moved into her future as a happy retired person.  She worked with us for 31 years.  It was her first job out of high school.  She has done many versions of the job including in detective bureau, working with property and evidence, subpoenas, gun registration, fingerprinting–too much to name here.  Her computer expertise in the county-wide CLEMIS system is legend.  When you needed detailed research, she was your woman.  If you have come to our station to get a police report for a crash or with a question at our Records window you probably met Tammy.

Today was a time to celebrate her success in reaching retirement.  Many friends came to wish her well including many of our already retired people.

I asked her what she intended to do next and she told me that she didn’t plan to get another full time job. She spends lots of time with her parents and she feels that since they’ve always been there for her, she wants to do more to help them.

We took up a collection here as a gift and I think she plans to use some of it to get herself a new dog.  She is a dog person for sure.  She recently lost her long time dog companion but now she is ready to start again.  Some dog out there will be lucky to have her as a pet parent.  Nothing is too good for Tammy’s dogs.

We wish her well in whatever else she does.  She gave us long time service and the benefit of her expertise.

Good bye and good luck, Tammy.

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