Meet My New Administrative Assistant

QuentessaYou might recall that my long time Admin Assistant Elna Alciatore retired at the end of 2015.  She stayed on part time for a few weeks to help out while we located her replacement.

Finding the right person who understands our organizational culture –who we are and what we are trying to achieve is critically important to me.  A person with the right skills and abilities was difficult to find to say the least.  (Thank you to all the people who applied.  You were all great but we had to find just the right fit.)   At last, we finalized our selection a couple of weeks ago and as it happens, we found who we were looking for right in our midst.  Police Service Officer Quentessa Tuff decided to take on this new role.  Today is her first official, full day in the job.

She has been with us as a Police Service Officer working in dispatch for 8 years.  I know her to be unfailingly cheerful, pleasant, efficient, hard working, organized and overall fun to be around.  She is one of those people who smiles when you look at her, because she is a genuinely nice person.  She also has a serious side.  In our work, we deal with some very serious issues and she knows that how she handles these issues can have long term impacts to the public’s confidence in its police.  She automatically treats everyone with respect–regardless of their circumstance.  I have  watched her be firm but caring with difficult and challenging people while she was in dispatch.  I know how she reacts when things are going smoothly and when a tense situation is in progress.    In the new role that won’t totally go away, she will still be responsible for talking to people who call my office who are upset or need help and information.  She says that part of the job she’s used to –it just won’t be on every call and she is looking forward to that.

During her time here she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Journalism at Oakland University.  She has been a key member of our social media team for several years and is the voice behind many of our Facebook and Twitter posts.  She is always willing to take on new challenges.

Even better, she is a local person.  She grew up in Pontiac so she knows the people and places of our community.   She is married and has one teenaged son.  I didn’t know until today that she has a horticultural side.  She is growing a lemon tree from a seed at home.  She wanted to know how I felt about bonsai trees in the office.  (Fine with me).

I could not be happier that she wanted to work in this new role.  I depend greatly on my assistant to help me get my job done.  The staff depends on the administrative assistant too because she is the only admin we have.  All other personnel are front line service to the community.  Most of us are not really good at administrative functions–we are good at responding to robberies or traffic crashes and talking to suicidal people on the phone but we aren’t that good at managing office supplies, formatting a letter or completing purchase orders.

If you call or stop by my office, you’ll have a chance to meet Quentessa-fondly known around here as “Q.”   We like her and we know you will like her too.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.