It is Tax Scam Season Again

During the 2014 tax season we were besieged by reports of tax return fraud. And worst of all there wasn’t anything a local police department could do about it.  We talked to the IRS but the problem was so large and widespread that little could be done.  Some departments decided not to take reports because it would negatively affect their crime statistics.  But we didn’t do that — we know that when identity theft occurs there can be other problems for the victim in proving their identity was stolen sometimes months or years down the road, like getting a drivers license or applying for credit.  We knew that simply taking a report–regardless of our crime statistics, would help people.  So we did.

We are hoping that this season isn’t as bad.  Here is a video from the television news program 60 Minutes that gives more information.

This year we are seeing fraudulent checks.  The checks look like US Treasury checks but there are some important differences.  If you are a small business person (or a large business person) you will want to take a close look at any Treasury check you cash.

Here is a link to more information to protect yourself against this scam.

Treasury Check Verification




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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.