Update -Heroin use on the rise

Here is an interesting interactive article with maps showing how drug overdoses have become epidemic across the country since 2003 – 125 people every day. It is simply shocking how widespread it is.  The largest increases are in rural areas of the country.


We continue to see increases in the impact of heroin use here.  We had 4 cases of heroin overdose in 2015 and 2 resulted in death.  Our fire department has carried Narcan, the antidote, in an effort to provide immediate life saving for overdose victims, for a long time.  Police will shortly be equipped as a result of a grant being administered by Oakland County Community Health Department. Narcan works if someone with the patient calls us early enough but if the individual is alone or if no one recognizes what is happening, we can’t get there in time.

Some studies relate the rise in heroin use to the increase in prescription narcotic abuse.  People who become addicted to pills and then are suddenly unable to obtain pills from their doctor may turn to illegal pill sources or to cheap and available heroin which supposedly provides a similar “high.”

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If you or someone in your family needs help look here:  heroin addiction help

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.