Today We Said Good Bye to Elna

Today we said goodbye to our long time Administrative Assistant, Elna Alciatore who retires at the end of the year.  She worked in my office for 13 years.  She has helped us with all the administrative tasks that most of us find challenging.  If you’ve called my office, you have talked to Elna.

Although she officially said goodbye today she will be returning to help us out for a few hours weekly next year while we search for her replacement. I know that she has plans for her new life as a retired person—she isn’t a person to stay still for long so she’s considering volunteer work, travel and just doing whatever she wants to do.  She likes to be around people and enjoys using her office skills –just not as a full time job.

She started working for me as a temp from an executive assistant temp agency after my last assistant retired.  We worked together for several months and I guess we grew on each other.   When she started I think she wasn’t too sure about working with the police.  She wasn’t too sure what kind of people we are and what the job is.  I could tell by the way she looked at us.  She only knew about police from TV and movies.  But she adapted well to what we needed from her.  I know I will miss her integrity, her good humor and her loyal, thoughtful attitude. Thanks for putting up with me.

Today we held a little coffee for her for city employees.  Here are some photos.

Thanks for everything, Elna.  Enjoy the next chapter!

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.