Detectives Are a Bunch of Softies After All

Being a police detective gives you a steady diet of the worse in people.  They spend time with the most hardened criminals and get to see the damage they do to others day in and day out.  For them it is important to be tough guys and gals to deal with these difficult people.  I might be one of the only people who knows that they have a generous and caring side too – they just like to hide it whenever possible.

I got this email from Detective Ivette Brown:


I am disappointed I was not able to help out this year with our Christmas shopping with the kids event at Meijer – my family & I always have fun with the kids.

This year, my neighbors and I adopted a young lady named Yozzmine, a student at Life Skills Center in Pontiac.  Yozzmine has two children, 2 year old daughter Treasure and 7 month old son Tyrell.

A little background on how we connected with Yozzmine – my neighbor, Rod Jones, is an Academic Development Advocate at Life Skills Center in Pontiac.  His wife, Courtney, (in photo) asked him if he had a student that could use a little extra help for the holidays.  Rod immediately suggested Yozzmine.

Yozzmine had a smile that lit up the room – she is such a sweet young lady!

Mr. Jones told me Yozzmine gives 110% everyday, regardless of what challenges she faces as a young mother.

On 12/16/15, I told AHPD Detectives I was meeting with Yozzmine at her school to give her the gifts. Without hesitation, the detectives insisted on giving money to purchase a Target gift card to add to Yozzmine’s gift!  I can always count on our crew to help out – this is sure to be a special holiday for Yozzmine and her beautiful children!  And seeing her smile will make it a special holiday for all of us.




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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.