Coffee with a Cop – Auburn Hills Christian Center Yesterday

Thank you to Auburn Hills Christian Center who hosted us yesterday at their service and afterwards in their fellowship hour for coffee and donuts (they made a point to tell us they weren’t stereotyping us-we found it amusing).  We had a wonderful opportunity to meet their congregation and just talk.  Many people stayed after the service and talked with us and asked questions.  I enjoyed it and I could see that the officers enjoyed it too.  So often they get a steady diet of troubled people and people in trouble.  I think it was refreshing for them to be treated so graciously by such nice people–not a regular thing in their work world.

Our goal is to build a stronger relationship with our community and one way to meet people is through their houses of worship.  We know that houses of worship in this day and age have safety concerns and we can help-we want to help. I also think we can dispel some of the concerns people may have about the police officers based on recent media stories and events.  I want this community to share my confidence in the police officers of the AHPD.  And I think that can happen if they have an opportunity to meet them and know them.

We are hoping that other congregations will be willing to sponsor us at their services in the near future.  We look forward to it.

Here are a couple of pictures we took:

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