October is Domestic Violence Month

A blog from last year on an important subject.

Auburn Hills Police Department

o-DISNEY-PRINCESS-4-570imagesCA59I0HUOctober is Domestic Violence Month.  It is important to bring attention to this serious problem in our society.  As police we see way too much violence between people who say they love each other.  We know there is a cycle of the violence where tension begins to build sometimes over small events or wear points in the relationship and then a violent act occurs.  The perpetrator then feels guilty and begs forgiveness.  By this point the case is going to court or the bruises are healed.  The victim takes the  perpetrator back because they want to believe the promises that it was the last time.   But it probably isn’t.

As police, we are charged by the law and by our department policy to make an arrest if we can identify an aggressor in the situation.  We look at all of the available evidence and listen to everyone’s story before we…

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.