Back to School Traffic Safety–Sgt. Jeremy Stubbs

Guest Blogger – Sergeant Jeremy Stubbs, Directed Patrol Unit

Back to School Safety

Students return to the classrooms on September 8th.  Providing michigan-sidebarstudents a safe route to school is one of the department’s top priorities.  Please be aware of the increased presence of student walkers and bicyclists as well as increased traffic around school campuses and neighborhoods.

Traffic enforcement is a year-round priority and the school zones will be patrolled heavily during the first week of September.  Officers will be doing traffic enforcement near schools during the morning and afternoon hours.  Officers will be enforcing all traffic laws to help ensure a safe environment for students and motorists in school zones.

Below are a few safety tips related to traffic around schools:

  • Follow all speed and parking laws
  • Establish a meeting time and location to pick up your child/children
  • Be patient; allow plenty of time to deal with heavy traffic flow for the beginning and end of school
  • Expect the unexpected; students make mistakes when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Stop and look both ways before pulling out of parking lots and side streets

school busThe department’s Directed Patrol Unit will be conducting school bus enforcement activities on random dates during the school year.  That means we’ll have an officer on a school bus somewhere in town who will be acting as a spotter.  The officer will advise other following officers when they see a driver pass a bus illegally at pick-up and drop-off locations.  The officers following the school buses will be stopping the violators.  The goal is to make a safer environment for kids.  Please leave plenty of time to get where you are going so you won’t be tempted to pass a school bus illegally.

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