Arrested Person Calls to Thank Us After Home Raid

This is an interesting job.  Some surprising things happen sometimes.  This morning we got an email from Police Service Officer Raquel Reyes:

I received a phone call from XXXX at approximately 1230 hours on 8/28/15. He wanted to express his appreciation & thanks towards the multiple officers that came out to his residence (XXXX Commonwealth) on 8/8/15. He had written a letter to the officers and wanted me to forward the message along:

“Thank you for being human beings and upholding the law, no matter the cost to society. Thank you for your professionalism and treating the situation as if it were your own family & people that you personally knew. Also, thank you for not shooting my pit bull, I really appreciate that.”

I see that there were many involved in the case, and again, XXXX thanks everyone involved (he was quite emotional on the phone).

I’ve taken out his name and specific address since he and some friends were arrested on the scene and are awaiting trial on drug possession.  I reviewed the report yesterday as I do on all cases when force is used by officers.  In this case we had a search warrant to enter and search this home for illegal drugs (something more than marijuana by the way).  Our supervisor, Sergeant Hollenbeck had taken time to put together a plan to raid this home that took into consideration the safety of the officers and the people who lived there.   When we learned there was a pit bull at the home, we even had a special plan to deal with that without having to hurt the dog.  What made it safer is that the persons at the home were very cooperative and did as the officers asked.  The whole matter can be disputed in court, the proper venue, as is the right of the defendants.   When people choose to make a violent response, the chance of injury goes way, way up for both officers and the arrested persons.

I must admit I was surprised to hear the defendant called us.  I hope he can get his life straightened out.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.