Interesting Case from the Weekend

Sergeant Dave Miller sent me an email over the weekend describing an interesting case they handled.

On Saturday 7/25/15 Officer Jennifer Carlson and Officer Metter Smith (formerly Rice) were investigating a larceny by false pretenses  complaint at the Metro PCS store on Baldwin Rd. On Thursday several individuals came to the store and sold to the owner what appeared to be brand new iphones which were still in the box and sealed with what appeared to be the factory plastic seal.  The Metro PCS owner bought 4 phones.  He later opened two of the phones and found them to contain “clay” and not iphones.  The owner called the suspect(s) back and did not confront them and instead asked them to being him more phones.  He arranged a time of today at 1430.  The suspects(s) came to the store with more phone or lack there of today.  We waited for the transaction to take place but they got scared and left prior to the transaction.  We approached and they ran on foot.  A long story short we ended up arresting (4) people.  We found in their rental car a backpack full of phone(s) that were filled with nothing but Playdoh, about $500.00 and some clothes they changed into.

Something new everyday.  Suspects are awaiting arraignment in front of a judge today.

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