Nice Piece of Work Today

Today at about 1:29 pm we got a report of a bank robbery at the crimesceneChase bank on Opdyke at Walton Boulevard.  We don’t have many bank robberies (1 or so annually) (really).  But everyone knows what to do and they did it well.

Dispatch gathered detailed information over the phone — what the suspect looked like and how the whole thing happened (was a weapon seen, height, weight, clothing description, any vehicle) and got patrol rolling to the scene with as much information as they had.

We had Sgt. Dave Miller in the field who immediately began coordinating the response with officers to the scene and officers who formed a perimeter and began a search of the area since no vehicle was seen.

Detectives and their command, Lt. Miarka went into the field to secure evidence including bank video of the incident to help us identify the perpetrator.

We requested help from our partners at the Oakland Co. Sheriff’s Office who have the specialty services we do not — we asked for and got a dog and the helicopter.  Both were on the scene pretty quickly.  AHPD Officer Angela Iacobelli reported on the radio that a witness told her that they’d seen a subject fitting the description on Commercial Drive.  Search officers convened on the area including the dog handler.  It was only a few minutes before the handler reported that he had one in custody.

Meanwhile Lt. McDonnell was in dispatch coordinating the activities in concert with command on the scene to get them what they needed including more personnel.  She even found time to make social media posts to request help from the public.

Detectives conducted a “show up” identification of the suspect in custody with the victims from the bank to be sure we had the right guy. And at that time he was arrested for the robbery and is now here at the station being interviewed by detectives.

All of this was completed in just less than 1 hour – record time!   Officers still have to compete reports, the suspect has to be interviewed, detectives also have to complete reports and evidence has to be gathered and secured.  Lots yet to be done since we have to make a warrant request of the prosecuting attorney tomorrow and have the suspect in court for arraignment by tomorrow afternoon (it is the law – we can’t delay).

I know I am biased, but you have to admit that it was a great piece of work.  We also got all the money back and it is back at the bank right now.  (So don’t worry if you have a savings account at Chase — it is all there).    And the most important part –no one was injured.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.