New City Ordinance on E-Cigarettes

On May 11, 2015 the City Council passed an ordinance regulatingElectronic-cigarette-components_LasVegasExpress use and sale of e-cigarettes to persons under age 18.  Like some of our nearby cities –Birmingham and Rochester Hills to name a couple, the Council concluded that e-cigarettes are not healthy for our youth.  Previously there were no regulations at all on sales or use of e-cigarettes like there is on tobacco- not at the city level, not at the state level.  The state regulates tobacco products, because of the health impacts and doesn’t allow use by persons under 18.  This new ordinance does the same –regulates this nicotine delivery product to allow use and sale ONLY to persons older than 18.

The merchants who are selling e–cigarettes in town are getting a personal visit from our staff with the ordinance information to bring them up to speed.  If you know of someone we missed — pass it on to them.

We will warn underage users where appropriate and we will cite underage users and those who sell to them, where appropriate.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.