We Want to Say a Public Thank You to the Auburn Hills Christian Center Church

What a wonderful community this is!

Today our grateful department staff members were the recipients of a delicious lunch provided by Pastor Cal Garcia and members of the Auburn Hills Christian Center.

Church members contacted us a couple of weeks ago and wanted to provide a meal for us to thank us for our service.  Of course since we are never all in the same place together because of our 24x7x365 schedules there were some logistics involved to provide a meal to everyone across every shift.  But they worked with Lt. Gagnon to figure that out.  Today they brought lunch for the day-shift staff and enough to feed our afternoon shift and midnight shifts of police officers, dispatchers.  And they sat down and enjoyed it with us.

In these days of difficult challenges for our officers when we wonder if the job we do is noticed or valued by the community, the efforts of AH Christian Center reminded us all that when we do our job and serve our community, there are people out there who do see us and value our contributions.

A sincere Thank You to the Auburn Hills Christian Center from all of us.

Pastor Garcia and members of the church with me.
Pastor Garcia and members of the church with me.
Officer Jim Sparre

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.