Holiday Crash Injures Passengers NOT WEARING SEAT BELTS

Yesterday we had a serious traffic crash on Walton at Opdyke in the afternoon.  Sgt. Bryan Eftink reported on it to our command staff later in the day.  It was so serious that we called in our multi jurisdictional crash investigation team because we believed that some of the injuries could end up being fatal.  I’m happy to report that doesn’t seem to be the case today.

Sgt. Eftink said that a hard rain storm had just started and it appears that the VW crossed over into the westbound lanes and struck a Chevy Cruz in a head on (driver side to driver side) collision.

There were 5 passengers in the Chevy Cruz, all of whom were transported to MOH & St. Joes, including a 13 month old child that was in the back seat. The car seat he was seated in did not have a base.  The front seat occupants were not wearing seat belts,  both suffered dislocated hips and  one had a concussion. The fifth passenger,  suffered a dislocated hip and received 13 staples to the head.

What can we say to convince you?  The restraint systems in cars work with the air bags to save lives and injuries.  If you don’t wear the restraints, you stand to be seriously injured.  If you wear the belts and harnesses you are very likely to walk away–we have seen it many times.  And without restraints you (or your child) are likely to be ejected from the vehicle.  Research says that 3 of 4 persons ejected from a vehicle will suffer fatal injuries.  My personal experience tells me that people wearing restraint have fewer injuries.5steptest

We just participated in “Click It or Ticket” last week and wrote about 15 tickets.  What else can we do to convince you how important this is?

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.