Dangerous “Darth Vapor” E-Cigarette Oil

One of our Drug Recognition Experts, Detective Jeramey Peters, updated us today about a dangerous new substance that has surfaced in Michigan.  Along the same lines, I heard another story from one of our command staff who said that patrol was on a run in the last week or so with a young adult who was acting in an erratic fashion, talking gibberish, wandering around with pants around his ankles and knocking on the doors of strangers which prompted the call to police.  He was under the influence of a similar product that is being discussed here.  This stuff is dangerous and the chemical compounds are unknown.  Kids seem to think because it can be easily purchased that it is safe.  In fact it can be deadly.

Attached is a news link that we should be aware of for a product called ‘Darth Vapor’.

It is an oil that is placed in an E-Cigarette device. Teens are using it, and over the past few weeks it has caused major medical issues. In the article attached Mason County discusses three incidents where teens have had seizures, stopped breathing, and convulsing. Initial test show links to synthetic cannabinoids.

I have been called by two different Drug Recognition Experts in Michigan this week asking for information on this substance. So it is more areas then Mason County.

It may be something we want to put out to the social media sites and / or place on the briefing prompter. This substance is not illegal, so no arrests can be made.

Officers / Medics should be aware that if they respond to a young adult in a medical crisis and there is an E-Cigarette device nearby, the oil in that device maybe the cause of that medical issue.

I would suggest two things: (1) notifying the ER about the possible exposure to toxic E-Cig oils, (2) collect that E-Cigarette Device for safe keeping. This will prevent anyone else using it then becoming ill and for later forensic testing of the oil to see what is in it to determine the chemical compounds and toxicity levels if needed.vapor

In my travels I will stop by are smoke shops and see if they have this on the shelves.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.