Car Seat Status

A month ago I made a request on this blog for car seats.  Officer Brian Miller, our car seat technician, let me know that we had given away our last seat and we had to find a source for some new ones.  cropped-child-seat.jpg

Our officers give away seats when they stop a person whose child is not in a proper seat –we can write tickets for that but what good is that if the person can’t afford a new seat? They have to choose between paying the ticket so their license won’t be suspended for non payment and buying a proper seat.  Who wins there? We also give away seats as needed at our child safety seat events (more information on a planned event will be out soon).

We had a couple of donations from individuals:  Council member Veronica Mitchell gave us one and Morning Optimist Club members Bill and Gayle Barr gave us one.  United Health Care also gave us 3 seats and volunteered to help us at an inspection event.

Internally, city employees paid $5 on Fridays for the month of March toward our car seat projects and some departments like DPW and Community Center bought us some seats –thanks!

For the month of March the police department really came through–internally we raised $390 through a combination of $5 for Friday jeans days and donations–most of our personnel are police officers and can’t wear jeans on Fridays–they must wear uniforms but they gave anyway.  We have 70 personnel total–so I think we did pretty well. I even heard a rumor that a unit commander gave an exception from police hat wearing at an event for a $5 contribution.

We can buy quite a few seats for $390.

So thank you to every one who helped us achieve this important goal!

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.

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