We Had a Busy Weekend

Easter weekend should have been quiet–people out enjoying egg hunts and nice dinners with families.  We don’t always get what we wish for though.

Thursday afternoon Bass Pro at the mall got a phone call that there was a bomb in the store.  The store chose to evacuate and wanted a dog search of the building just to make sure everyone was safe.  We don’t have explosive search dogs so locating and waiting for dogs took awhile.  In the meantime, our detectives determined that there was a likely suspect and are still working the case.  It appears to be an angry person who wanted to cause disruption by calling in the threat – it is very doubtful there was a bomb of any kind.

Sunday, we had a person who threatened to hurt himself or any police officer he saw near his home.  Officers did a good job at evacuating the area and keeping him contained while one of our detectives talked with him by phone. He did have a gun at the time but he had committed no crime so the two command officers, Lt. Jill McDonnell on scene and Lt. Cas Miarka at the station did a good job at keeping everyone safe and calm while waiting the subject out.  Eventually he came out, without the gun, and turned himself in.  He wanted to go to a treatment facility and we obliged him.  He’s still there.

No injuries to him or to the officers or anyone else.  I know it was disruptive to the neighborhood since we kept some people out of their homes.  As these things go, it went pretty fast –about 3 hours.  But we don’t want to take a person from their home by force if we can avoid it and in cases like these they need help but don’t use a normal route to get it.

Hope you had a quieter, happier Easter.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.