Hard To Say Goodbye

I couldn’t agree more…..Karrie helped the whole organization and did it with a smile and a helpful attitude. We will miss her too.
Good luck in all your future endeavors, Karrie!

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Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Today is Karrie Marsh’s last day.  It’s hard to say goodbye to this wonderful person.

Karrie Marsh Karrie Marsh

For those who don’t know, Karrie Marsh is the Executive Assistant for the City Manager.  She is leaving us for a great opportunity at a local school.  We wish her much success in her new position.

Karrie didn’t just assist the City Manager, she helped everyone in the organization.  Simply, she made the City of Auburn Hills better during her time with us.  Karrie was the person, often behind the scenes, that helped keep things running and made others look good.  A natural-born servant leader.

Karrie, thank you for your dedication to the community and service to your co-workers.

You will be missed.

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