Spread the Word – We will NEVER ask you to buy a Green Dot Card, EVER

This scam just keeps happening and today Officer Brianscam-alert-630x472 Miller came upon a new twist.  He sent me this message:

Just took a report from a resident who was called by a random 800 number.  Caller claimed to be from the IRS and advised the subject he owed tax money.  Caller told victim to buy a Green Dot card and pay – victim almost believed the caller because about 30 minutes later he received a call from OUR phone number 248-370-9444, again demanding the money and threatening with arrest.  Obviously the number was “ghosted” to appear as if it was us that called, but since I’m seeing this type of phone number disguising more frequently… Simple remedy – citizens should find the actual phone number independently and call it back…

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.