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Just this past weekend we assisted Troy Police in an investigation in the case of the Auburn Hills woman who was killed by her domestic partner. We see this all too frequently.
Help is available.

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Guest post by: Jocelyn Clarke, Crisis Line Supervisor and Counselor, HAVEN 

We always tell new staff and volunteers who are training to answer our 24-hour Crisis and Support Line (CSL) is that you never know what scenario you will encounter when you answer the phone. Working on the CSL can be frustrating, scary, and rewarding all at once. Our calls are as different as the individual people who call—survivors of intimate partner violence, mothers, best friends, dads, social workers, therapists, nurses, and more—all in one day!

The majority of calls we take are focused on domestic violence. We talk with women who are in relationships with an abusive partner and help them understand that what they are dealing with is not normal and that they are not doing anything to cause his behavior. We talk with survivors who want counseling or an advocate to…

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.