No Need to Improve Security at Great Lakes Crossings –We’re Already There

If you are a news watcher, you are probably aware that there has been a report that an ISIL group released a video over the weekend suggesting that someone should attack shopping malls in America.  There has not been a specific threat against any mall in Michigan.

Given the world we live in, we think about this sort of thing all the time, even absent any specific threat.  You might recall that we have officers who work from a substation right in the Great Lakes Crossings Mall.  We just had a full scale exercise in September where we practiced our response to a violent event at the mall with our partners from FBI and other local agencies.  We work in close partnership with mall security personnel.  We familiarize our personnel with the warning signs.  SeeSay_830x250_Indiana NO BUTTON

I think Great Lakes is safe — I’ll continue to shop there myself.  But I encourage you to help us –if you “SEE SOMETHING -SAY SOMETHING” –always, everywhere.  When I shop, when I travel, when I attend events, wherever I am I pay attention to my surroundings.  You should too.

Here are some suggestions from the Department of Homeland Security.

What is Suspicious Activity? | Homeland Security.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.