A Fishy Situation Early This Morning on Lapeer Road

There was a very fishy situation this morning on Lapeer Road north of the Palace.  Here is how dayshift sergeant Scott McGraw described what happened:

This morning at approximately 6:50 am, dispatch was contacted by radio from our DPW salt/plow truck driver. He advised that he was involved in a crash at Harmon Road on M-24. He stated there were no injuries but the other vehicle involved had spilled the load he was carrying.

fishy 3 fishy 2fishy1Ofc. Mike Miller and Ofc. Kevin Bailey arrived to stabilize the scene and assess the situation. I was contacted by Ofc. Bailey and advised the second vehicle involved was carrying large live wells for fish and as a result of the collision two live wells separated from the truck and spilled hundreds of small fish and water all over south bound M-24.

Ofc. Jake Brehmer, Ofc. Brasil and  I responded to the scene and found DPW employees working diligently to clean the mess and get the road opened. I want to thank Dan Brisson and his crew for pushing the large live wells, fish and other debris out of the roadway so motorists could get through with little delay. It took DPW and AHPD approximately only 30 minutes to clear this rather large crash involving a lot of debris. Great teamwork and quick response by all involved!!

Sgt. McGraw told me later that the DPW crews smell pretty fishy this morning–fish water is on their boots and work clothes.  It was about 12 degrees when the fishy, slippery mess happened.  Our DPW partners often work with us when this kind of thing happens to get the road open as quickly as possible–they do a great job.

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