Serious Crash This Morning on Opdyke near Pontiac Road

Guest Blogged by Sgt. Brandon Hollenbeck

This morning AHPD and AHFD responded to a vehicle crash southbound on Opdyke Road near Kircher Road.  Upon arrival Officer Vanlandeghem found that a pick-up truck traveling north on Opdyke had crossed over and hit a pick-up truck traveling south on Opdyke in a head on type collision causing the driver of one of the trucks to be entrapped.  Officer Vanlandeghem called out for additional resources and advised that both s/b lanes of Opdyke would be shut down.  Officer Sparre and myself responded to the scene.  Officer Sparre diverted Opdyke traffic to Pontiac Road.  Officer Vanlandeghem investigated the accident.  AHFD performed a successful extraction and transported the driver to St. Joseph’s Mercy.  The driver was alert, conscious, and appeared to be in some pain at the scene.  IMG_0019


Officer Vanlandeghem and Officer Sparre did an excellent job protecting and managing the accident scene.  AHFD personnel did an excellent job (in my opinion) with the extraction of the driver.  Both AHPD and AHFD worked together tremendously at this accident scene which was complex and involved during heavy morning traffic flow (on snow covered roads in single digit temperatures).  The roadway was opened and traffic flow was restored to normal as quickly as possible.


IMG_0022While this accident was occurring Officer B. Miller and Officer Iacobelli were working to quick clear a three car accident on M59 with vehicles on both sides of the freeway.

Good job by all.

I agree – excellent job by all.  Take your time on snow covered and slippery roads.  Give yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.  Make sure that your vehicle is in proper working order including good tires, maybe even snow tires would be best.  



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