Detective Brian Martin Honored by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and Detective Martin.
Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and Detective Martin.

Today we were privileged to attend Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s holiday lunch for her staff where she presented several awards to members of her own staff, police officers and detectives for their work over the past year.

AHPD Detective Brian Martin was one of the police investigators who was singled out for this  “Distinguished Service Award.”  It is great for our staff to be recognized any time for their good work, but this one was excellent in particular because it came from the Prosecutor who deals with the work product of investigators and knows which are of the highest quality.  Her letter said her:

…trial staff surveyed cases they handled this year and made recommendations regarding particularly notable law enforcement personnel who had gone above and beyond the call of duty in the execution of their duties.  The purpose of this was to single out law enforcement personnel whose work epitomized the finest combination of skill, innovation, dedication and professionalism in the pursuit of justice and to recognize them publicly…”

She told me that Brian was a unanimous choice for his work in the analysis of video evidence which helps them win important cases on behalf of the people of this county and the victims of crime.  He has been instrumental in some serious cases by assisting the Prosecutor’s Office with analysis of video.  Today the Prosecutor talked about his work on the Northland Mall case where security officers were trying to detain an individual who had threatened people, and unfortunately inadvertently causing his death.  Detective Martin’s role was to examine the video and enhance the detail so that the facts could be ascertained in a step-by-step review of what happened.  He helped to find the truth of the matter.  That is the highest calling of a detective – to find the truth.


Prosecutor Cooper, in her remarks, talked to her staff about the partnership between police and prosecutors.  She made the point to them that police and prosecutors have a shared responsibility –together we are law enforcement.  Her Chief Assistant, Paul Walton made a similar point when he said that we stand together when we secure a conviction and we stand together when the case is dismissed if that is what “justice demands.”  Whatever the outcome, police and prosecutors face it together.

We truly are partners with their office and I am very pleased that they recognize Detective Martin’s commitment and the high skill level he brings to the job.

All of the investigators receiving awards.
All of the investigators receiving awards today.

We are proud of Brian and of what he achieves for our department and for the Prosecutor’s Office and for the people of Oakland County.  We know what an outstanding detective he is and we are pleased that he is being acknowledged publicly on a county level.

Great work and congratulations, Brian!



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