Most Beautiful Seat Belt Ad I’ve Ever Seen

I am a traffic safety believer. My son calls me the seat belt Nazi –I enforced it on him rigorously as a child.  And just when I thought he never listened to anything I said, turns out he did hear and he is very careful about seat belts for himself and his family.  I’ll say the same thing to you–seat belts save lives.  I believe it because as a street officer, I saw them work and I saw the outcomes when people didn’t wear belts.  I was on the scene of too many traffic fatalities–and it wasn’t unusual to have them on holidays.

Many people will be traveling this weekend to enjoy time with family and friends.  I was searching for a video to share with you on the subject and I came across this one.  I’d never seen it before–I think it is Canadian or British.  But it sends the message in a beautiful and touching way.

Have a great holiday and be safe.

PS – Don’t drink and drive.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.