An Investigator Compliments a New Officer’s Work

We got an interesting email today from one of our investigators.  Recently he told me about what a great job Officer Emily Frederick did on this case. She has less than one year on the job but has impressed us with her work. He decided to inform Emily’s supervisors about her work as well.

Officer Emily Frederick
Officer Emily Frederick

To: Auburn Hills Police Department Command Staff

From: Detective J. Peters

Date: October 16th of 2014

Re: Recent Investigation by Officer Frederick


I am a firm believer in recognition when an officer puts forth additional effort towards an investigation rather than simply taking a call for service to generate a minuscule report. This recognition and feedback prove to be a great motivator to continue to produce the same if not a better quality of work in the future; especially in this case where a new officer is involved.

I was recently assigned case number 140019519 which was a Fraudulent Prescription incident at Meijer Pharmacy. During this incident the female suspect fled the store through the north doors to a waiting get-away vehicle as Officer Frederick entered the south door. Officer Frederick was focused because the suspect eluded her and became determined to identify the unknown female suspect. Officer Frederick searched law enforcement data bases for addresses and people associated with those addresses, then searched through numerous MIDRS / Drivers License photographs until she was able to locate a suspect that matched the description of the suspect.

The case was far from being done and required a lot of additional follow up by the Detective Bureau. Due to the diligence of Officer Frederick investigators had a head start and countless hours trying to identify the suspect were avoided.

The case turned out to be more than a simple prescription fraud case. Through the investigation it was found that the suspect had used this same fraudulent prescription sixteen times over the past year (totaling 2400 hydrocodone / Vicodin) and the suspect was using the identity stolen from an acquaintance.

The desire of Officer Frederick did not stop there. Last week Officer Frederick sat with me as I covered the additional steps taken to investigate the matter (IE: MAPS reports, Line Ups, etc). Officer Frederick was eager to learn more about investigations and genuinely excited when I told her that the suspect was positively identified by victim of identity theft, picked out of a line up by pharmacy staff, and charges were pending. Officer Frederick smiled and said “we got her!”

I just wanted to pass this on as we watch our new officer’s develop after our training process.

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As we retire officers of long standing service to this community, it good to know that we have new people coming up to take their place.  Officer Frederick is one of several new officers who will make their mark.

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