More on Great Lakes Crossings Traffic

Traffic went well this weekend at the mall.  No gridlock was seen or heard from.  This was due largely because the contractor was able to stop work over the weekend including the holiday yesterday and open 2 lanes in each direction.  The bad news is that they have to restrict back to 1 lane in each direction again on Baldwin for 3 more weeks (approximately).  So we are going to keep our back up plan in place which means when the traffic builds late in the day and we can see that it is jamming up, we will be closing the entrances on Baldwin Road and pushing ring road traffic out the Great Lakes Crossings Drive exits east onto Joslyn and onto I-75 using police and security directing traffic.  Great Lakes Crossings has agreed to pay for the officers dedicated to the mall traffic so the entire community isn’t shortchanged their police response.

The contractor is working hard to complete the job so that it won’t impinge on the US Thanksgiving weekend shopping.  But complications like last weekend and the rain today make it problematic to finish on time.  So keep your fingers crossed.

By all means, come to the mall–there are lots of great shopping deals but come early and bring your patience.  Only 3 more weeks to go…….

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.