Great Lakes Traffic – Wow! Everyone went shopping on Saturday

I thought lots of people would be home watching football this past Saturday–there were a bunch of great college games on all day until late at night.  Besides it was a not very pleasant day to be out –cold and rainy.  Apparently lots of people decided to get out of the house and go shopping, to dinner or a movie at Great Lakes Crossings.  We were surprised by a very large influx of people coming in around 6:30 pm — a phenomenon we haven’t seen recently.

If you’ve been there lately you know that traffic has been compromised by construction on Baldwin Road and on Joslyn at the I-75 SB entrance.  We’ve been doing out best at “shopper shift change” (as the officers call the 4-6pm period) to help folks get in and out efficiently.  It is a complex problem since there are lots of directions that people are trying to go.  The Palace is easier because everyone is trying to get in or get out pretty much all at the same time.  The mall doesn’t work like that.  Once we have all of the lanes open again on Baldwin it won’t be such a problem.    No word yet on Baldwin but the Road Commission will be getting us an update this week.  The good news is that the construction on Joslyn at SB I-75 is finished and as of today it is open for SB traffic making it easier to get onto the freeway.

We think next weekend will be a big shopping weekend.  It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and Columbus Day is Monday so we are looking for lots of shoppers and movie goers in the area.  We will be working on our traffic plan to get you in and out as best we can but if more lanes aren’t open on Baldwin yet, come early and pack your patience but there will be great bargains to be had.

Calling 911 to tell us the traffic is backed up isn’t really helpful.  We already know.  If you are telling us about a crash or some other need for service, that is great.

I’m a technology user so I’m always finding ways to get where I’m going by the most efficient method so I have a couple of suggestions:  for traffic updates we suggest that you subscribe to our Twitter:  @AHPOLICE or NIXLE  or even use Google maps with the traffic layer.  It shows green routes for those that are clear, yellow for somewhat congested and red for stopped traffic.  I’m not sure exactly how it works but I have found it to be very accurate.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.