Lock Your Cars 3 and Great Lakes Crossings Traffic

Update on the larcenies from cars:  

Thanks to you, we had a pretty good weekend with respect to thefts from cars.  You’ve been doing much better about locking your cars so as not to be an easy target for these thieves.  Also the Sheriff’s Office arrested one of our main suspects in the act out in Independence Township (someone noticed this person as out of place and called).  Although he is not willing to admit to being responsible for our thefts, we note that the sheer number has gone down.  Now that doesn’t mean you can go back to leaving your purse in an unlocked car–there are several other groups out there doing this same thing.  So keep locking those cars and garages and keep on your outside lights to help us and to discourage thieves.  And call the police if you see someone that seems suspicious.

Secondly, the traffic at Great Lakes Crossings.  

I know it is a problem.  We worked on it all weekend.  At one point, we had 8 officers (the whole shift) up there doing hand direction trying to clear gridlock.  RCOC is hurrying to get Baldwin Road construction completed before the holiday season.  We are giving constant traffic reminders by NIXLE and Twitter trying to convince shoppers to use Joslyn exit to come and go from the mall.  We know that many of the shoppers come from 50+ miles away and are using GPS to get here.  So we don’t have an opportunity to get them to use other routes.  It isn’t helping that there is construction at Joslyn and SB I-75 entrance ramp either.

So we don’t want you to stay away but we want you to stay away from Baldwin Road near the mall at the peak times.  We know that late afternoon, 3pm to about 6 or 7 pm, there is a phenomenon the officers call “shopper shift change.”  It means that people who came in early in the day are ready to leave and those coming in for evening shopping or entertainment are trying to arrive.  The problem is created when everyone is trying to go everywhere and no one can go anywhere when Baldwin is down to 1 lane.  So you might start by avoiding the mall at those times.  We are also considering some traffic impacts like closing the Baldwin exits and/or forcing traffic toward I-75 entrances at certain points when it is heavy like we do with the Palace.  We’ll make sure there is some signage to help you find your way if you aren’t familiar with the area but we can’t let this kind of gridlock continue.

The construction is expected to be done by late October.

You are really going to like the smooth road when that happens.  We’ll be in great shape for Christmas shopping around here!!!


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.