Lock Your Cars 2

You might recall that we have been hard hit lately by thefts from cars.  We’ve been working with neighboring cities who are also getting hit and using resources we have to our best advantage.  I’d like to thank our night shift commanders for their efforts to combat the problem by conducting saturation patrols when they have available personnel which isn’t an often as we’d like.  We’ve moved personnel off other shifts and taken other steps to manage the problem.  While we’ve had a few more come in, nothing like the single instance of 20 reports overnight.  Mostly people have lost change, car chargers, small items like that.  The cars have not been damaged which tells us they were unlocked.  We are processing the cars for fingerprint evidence but have not been successful.  It would not be surprising if the suspects used gloves or even shirt tails to avoid leaving prints.  We’ve seen the thefts in both neighborhood driveways and apartment complexes. Largely they happen in the late hours at night or the very early morning hours.  We have suspects but no arrests to date.

You can help by continuing to lock your vehicles and garages, leaving on those outside lights and calling us when you hear or see something suspicious.  And if you have information about who is responsible you can call us at 248.370.9444 or Crimestoppers 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.